Aviator Game Brand Ambassadors – UFC Partnership

Exceeding 12 million monthly players, Aviator has proved to be an extremely successful project for Spribe. The developer aims to raise the popularity of its genre-defining title even further. The recently established partnerships with UFC and individual MMA athletes are doing a great service to the brand.

Aviator Becomes an Official Partner of UFC

UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an American organization focused on promoting professional mixed martial arts. While Las Vegas serves as its headquarters, its sphere of influence is global. UFC is the host of premier MMA events around the world for millions of viewers.

Partnership details

Spribe announced its partnership with this MMA giant in October 2023. The parties signed an agreement that envisaged intertwining Spribe and UFC’s marketing strategies in the next few years. In particular, as a UFC partner, the innovative developer of casino software is going to receive valuable exposure during many live events organized by UFC.

It’s hard to underestimate the value of this agreement for Spribe. According to its conditions, the Aviator logo sits in a prominent place on the floor of the famous Octagon arena. Moreover, live telecasts of UFC-hosted MMA events feature branded integration of Aviator. On top of that, part of the agreement is promotion through UFC athletes in various marketing campaigns.

Advantages for Spribe

This marketing partnership between Spribe’s Aviator and UFC is doing heaps to boost the developer’s brand recognition. The association with such a well-known and long-standing name as UFC raises the level of trust in all promoted brands.

But what’s even more important, teaming up with UFC allows Spribe to reach out to an immense new audience. Thousands of people attend the MMA fight nights, and millions watch them online in the pay-per-view format, both in India and worldwide. 

Expanding Aviator’s horizons

The new audience Aviator is being exposed to is perfectly suited to become new players of the crash title. MMA events are action-packed, dynamic, and unpredictable, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. They attract an audience that craves high-thrill, adrenaline-pumped entertainment. 

That’s exactly the kind of experience you get from Spribe’s number-one game! For Aviator, the UFC sponsor has already been yielding great results. The growing player count proves this marketing partnership was a stellar move for the game developer.

Partnership with Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira photo with Aviator game logo and a text 'Brand ambassador'

In January 2024, the world learned about Spribe’s first partnership with a renowned MMA athlete as part of the large-scale marketing agreement between the two companies. Its first brand ambassador was Alex Pereira, a celebrated sportsman and lightweight champion with his own worldwide fan base.

Anyone interested in MMA and UFC-hosted events knows Pereira well, with no introductions necessary. His accomplishments as a fighter are numerous and his name is carved into the UFC history. 

As part of the much-discussed partnership, Alex Pereira is the face and brand ambassador of Aviator game. He contributes to raising brand recognition through:

  • public appearances with the brand logo and attributes in clear sight;
  • participation in filming and photoshoots for carefully crafted social media content;
  • various other creative marketing campaigns. 

A series of them started immediately after signing the partnership. These campaigns aim to introduce the crash title to Pereira’s fans and spark their interest.

The partnership has been producing incredible content, fueling together the knock-out experience delivered by Pereira in Octagon and the high level of thrill from the crash game. The high-profile collaboration will continue at least until the end of 2024, ensuring full coverage of Pereira’s extensive fanbase.

Merab Dvalishvili – Brand Ambassador of Aviator Game

Merab Dvalishvili photo with Aviator game logo and a text 'Brand ambassador'

In April 2024, shortly after scoring the prestigious award “Breakthrough Company of 2024”, Spribe made yet another major and impactful announcement. This time the forward-looking developer presented Merab Dvalishvili as the second official brand ambassador for Aviator.

Ranked as number one in bantamweight, Dvalishvili is a famous fighter of Georgian origin. He spent his younger years training vigorously in a variety of martial arts, with a dream in his heart to become an MMA fighter. Dvalishvili arrived in the United States after turning 21 and dedicated all his passion and zest to his fighter career. The tireless work brought him success and recognition, as well as the rank of the top contender in his weight.

Dvalishvili’s journey inspires many, while his adrenaline-fueled performance in Octagon makes viewers hold their breaths. The large following of this remarkable athlete will help Spribe catch the interest of an even greater audience that seeks exciting entertainment. Dvalishvili’s celebrity status will catapult the crash game’s popularity to new heights. 

It’s important to note that Spribe has no plans to stop at the present-day level of successful representation. The innovative developer seeks to grow its roster of UFC athletes even further. Soon, more brand ambassadors will join, boosting Aviator’s image, recognition, and trustworthiness among MMA fans.

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