Provably Fair Aviator Game Algorithm – PF Calculator

Originating from crypto casinos, Provably Fair is a cryptographic protection technology employed in Spribe’s gambling products. Thanks to layered result generation and multiple encryptions, it safeguards the gambling results against unauthorized access or manipulations. Let’s try to explain in simple terms what is provably fair in Aviator game and find out how it ensures 100% fair results.

What is Provably Fair Technology?

Provably Fair is an advanced encryption technology that serves as the basis for round outcome generation in Aviator. It protects the generated results with cutting-edge cryptography across multiple layers. Such a serious level of protection is an unfaltering guarantee that no one can learn the gambling results beforehand or hack and alter them.

In Aviator, the round outcome is the final multiplier at which the plane flies away. The game server is not fully responsible for generating this number. Players participating in the round contribute to the generation of its outcome. The process is transparent from A to Z. This prevents result manipulation and gives every player tools to verify their game’s fairness.

Generating the outcome of a plane flight involves four separate participants. The Provably Fair Aviator game algorithm goes as follows:

  1. Before the plane takes off, the server produces 16 random symbols through certified RNG algorithms. These are called the server seed. Cryptographic encryption (hashing) applies to these symbols, changing them into a completely different sequence.
  2. The hashed sequence is added to the game. It is public even before the round begins. You can have a look at it in Aviator’s settings as the SHA256 seed.
  3. Next, the game generates the so-called client-side seeds. It takes the input from the first 3 bettors in that round, produces three RNG sequences, and hashes (encrypts) them.
  4. When the wait time runs out and the plane takes off, the game merges the server seed and the 3 individual client seeds. Encryption immediately applies again, creating the SHA512 hash. From this final hash, the game derives the round results.
  5. Once the round is over, all the involved hashes are publicly available for verification in the game settings, allowing you to ascertain Aviator’s fairness at any moment. 

How to Check the Fairness

Provably Fair allows players to check the fairness of each round independently. Such a feature is built into every game that operates on this protective technology.

  1. Start by clicking the green PF icon. By accessing the game history, you can verify the fairness of each round individually.
  2. The newly opened panel will present the following information to you:
  • server-generated seed;
  • 3 seeds generated from the 3 first bettors in the round;
  • combined hashed code;
  • round outcome (resulting multiplier).
  1. By opening the settings panel, you can access the hashed (encrypted) server seed for the upcoming plane flight.
  2. If you wish to contribute to the generation of the next round’s results, hurry up with your bets to be among the first 3 bettors.
A smartphone displaying Aviator game and a red arrow points for coefficient of the round
A smartphone displaying Aviator Provably fair settings panel and a red arrow points for coefficient
A smartphone displaying Aviator game Provably fair settings panel
A smartphone displaying Aviator Provably fair settings panel with illustration how it works

Games with Provably Fair vs Simple Casino Games

Let’s sum up what distinguishes Provably Fair Aviator and other gambling products safeguarded by this technology from regular casino games that lack such cryptographic protection.

Casino games with Provably FairTraditional casino products
Every step throughout the gaming process is fully transparent. The gambler can check the validity of round outcomes at any moment.Gamblers cannot verify round outcomes at will. 
Players have access to a range of tools and methods for verifying the outcome fairness and the presence of cryptographic algorithms.No way to verify the randomness in your game.
Cryptographic protection promotes trust and ensures fair play, leaving no room for tampering with outcomes.The casino’s reputation and licensing are the main sources of trust.
The confidence in security and fairness boosts enjoyment.Doubts about the casino’s integrity may ruin the experience.

Provably Fair Aviator Hack – Is It Real?

Games based on the Provably Fair system boast the highest level of security. The technology has proved to be impenetrably safe, thanks to the layered encryption and generation of round results with the involvement of both the server and the players. Hacking tools have no way to extract the round results in real time. The heavy-duty cryptographic protection leaves no loopholes for bypassing it.

Researching information about Aviator and Provably Fair, you will likely come across various apps, bots, and other solutions that claim to be able to hack your crash game. As explained above, Provably Fair stands strong in the face of any hacking attempts. Therefore, we do not recommend resorting to any hacking tools. In the best-case scenario, they won’t work. In the worst case, you may infect your computer or mobile device with viruses and other malware.

What is Aviator Algorithm Calculator?

Some sites encourage players to download certain software to calculate game results and win consistently. Allegedly, an Aviator game calculator uses AI technologies to analyze and break down the game’s algorithm. It tries to convince you that the AI can calculate or predict the next flight’s results with a high degree of probability.

We advise against using such software or tools. Firstly, the game works based on a certified RNG algorithm. Given the protection from Provably Fair, Aviator calculator tools have no way to predict the next round results based on the multipliers you got in the previous rounds. Aviator multipliers follow no pattern. Each new flight of the little plane is completely independent of all previous takeoffs.

Services or tools for predicting or calculating Aviator results may even be paid. We do not recommend wasting money on these, as foretelling the multiplier in Aviator is not possible. Moreover, just like Aviator hacks, predictors may contain malicious software components harmful to your device.

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