Aviator Game Tricks, Strategies and Tips to Win

Mastering online casino titles like Aviator crash game is as much about luck as it is about perfecting your skills, developing patience and crafting a tactic to succeed. Take your game to the next level with a winning strategy built to ensure you maximize your chances!

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What Are Aviator Game Strategies?

Aviator, which was launched by Spribe in 2019, offers players an exciting online gambling experience. Aviator’s strategies cover various tactics that players use to enhance their opportunities for success. These strategies do not guarantee a win, but help users strategically manage their bets to maximize their profits. They range from prioritizing steady small payouts to riskier options aimed at generating larger prizes.

Gamblers use tactics based on points such as odds, game rules, and risk preferences. Strategies, whether they involve smart bankroll control, adaptive gambling in response to results, or the use of statistical analysis, act as tactical aids to navigate the unpredictability of the game.

Aviator Algorithm

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The Aviator crash game is based on a complex algorithm, primarily a random number generator (RNG). This Aviator game algorithm provides unpredictable results, making each round independent of the previous ones. The RNG introduces an element of excitement, as players cannot predict when the plane will crash or how long it will fly.

To ensure transparency and trust, the game uses Provably Fair technology. This cryptographic method allows players to independently verify the fairness of the results of each round when playing for real money. Using the client and server keys generated by the system, players can confirm the integrity of the game outcome.

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Types of Aviator Strategies to Increase Your Winning Chances

Learn about the various Aviator strategies, which can help to improve your odds. From moderate risk strategy to aggressive approaches, these tactics in the game offer unique benefits.

One Bet Strategies

  • For the Low-risk or Low-reward tactic, players opt for a cautious approach, placing a single stake with a low-to-medium multiplier target such as 1.2x to 1.5x.
    This strategy prioritizes frequent, smaller payouts at Aviator over substantial payouts, minimizing the risk of significant losses.
    For example, a player can wager 1000 INR with a target multiplier of 1.5x. If successful, he will receive 1500 INR, which will bring him a small profit.
  • Conversely, the High-risk, or High-reward strategy appeals to players seeking adrenaline-fueled excitement and substantial payouts.
    This Aviator casino game strategy involves aiming for big multipliers, such as 10x, 20x, or even higher, despite understanding the increased likelihood of losses.
    For example, a player can wager INR 1000 with a target multiplier of 20x, potentially receiving INR 20,000 in payouts. However, the probability of winning with such high multipliers is much lower, which leads to more frequent losses.
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Two Bet Strategies

Players can maximize their chances of payouts by covering many outcomes at once with the flexibility of two Bet Strategies.

One popular Aviator game winning strategy is the 2:1, where players place two stakes in a 2:1 ratio. For instance, if a player wagers 100 INR initially, they would place a second bet of 200 INR. The smaller amount aims for frequent small wins, while the larger one targets a higher multiplier. If the smaller odd succeeds, it covers the total amount of bets, ensuring zero risk. If the larger wager wins, the profits exceed the combined bets, resulting in a net profit.

  • For example, if the larger stake reaches a 1.5x multiplier, the player cashes out 300 INR, covering the bets.
  • If the smaller one reaches a 5x multiplier, the player earns 800 INR, resulting in a net profit of 500 INR.

Another Aviator winning strategy is the 1.5x + 2x, which involves placing a larger bet initially targeting a 1.5x multiplier and a smaller one targeting a 2x multiplier.

A smartphone displaying Aviator game with increasing multiplier and betting options

Suppose a player decides to start with an initial bet of ₹750. They would allocate this amount into two bets:

  • The first bet, let’s say ₹500, targets a 1.5x multiplier for a moderate win. The second bet, the remaining ₹250, aims for a 2x multiplier for a slightly larger win.
  • If the first bet wins with the 1.5x multiplier, the player would receive ₹750 (₹500 initial bet + ₹250 profit). Winnings cover the first and second bets.
  • If the second bet wins with the 2x multiplier, the player would receive ₹500 (₹250 initial bet + ₹250 profit). The profit from two bets will amount to ₹500.

Explore Aviator’s renowned gambling systems to optimize your gameplay and structured methods for efficient management.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system is a popular gambling system that involves doubling the size of bets after each loss, intending to recoup all previous losses and make a profit upon a win at Aviator. The idea is that the eventual payouts will cover all previous losses, resulting in a net profit equal to the original stake size in one round.

Here’s an example table illustrating how the Martingale strategy game works:

Round #Initial Bet, ₹ResultNext Bet, ₹

The player starts with a ₹100 stake. After each loss, they double their wager size for the next round. If they succeed, they revert to the initial bet size.

However, there are inherent risks associated with the strategy, particularly during losing streaks. If a losing streak persists, the bet size can escalate rapidly, potentially leading to significant losses.

Pros of the Martingale:

  • Simple to understand and implement.
  • This can result in a quick recovery of losses with a single win

Pros of the Martingale:

  • Simple to understand and implement.
  • This can result in a quick recovery of losses with a single win

Anti Martingale

The Anti-Martingale Strategy, also known as the Reverse Martingale, is a gambling system that involves x2 increasing the size of stakes after each win. In case of loss – the next bet is half of the initial one. This approach aims to capitalize on winning streaks while limiting losses during losing streaks.

The table illustrates the Anti-Martingale work:

Round #Initial Bet, ₹ResultNext Bet, ₹

Pros of the Anti-Martingale:

  • Capitalizes on winning streaks by increasing odd sizes after payouts.
  • Limits losses during losing streaks by reverting to the original bet size after a loss.

Cons of the Anti-Martingale:

  • Vulnerable to sudden reversals in luck, leading to potential loss of accumulated profits.

Fibonacci System

A gambling method called the Fibonacci System is based on the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5 8,13,21,34,55,89…), in which every number is equal to the sum of the two numbers that came before it. This sequence determines the bet size after each success or loss.

The example table showing how the system works with an initial ₹100:

Round #Initial Bet, ₹ResultNext Bet, ₹

When following the Fibonacci betting system, apply these rules:

  • Increase your bet by one unit in the Fibonacci sequence each time you lose a bet.
  • Decrease your bet by two units in the sequence every time you win a bet.

This strategy has some advantages and drawbacks.


  • Provides a structured approach to betting, based on a mathematical sequence.
  • Helps manage losses by gradually increasing stake sizes, rather than doubling them like the Martingale.


  • Requires a significant number of consecutive wins to recover from losses incurred during losing streaks.

D’Alembert Strategy

It is a popular gambling system, named after the French mathematician Jean le Rond d’Alembert. Unlike the Martingale strategy, which involves doubling bets after losses, the d’Alembert adjusts bet sizes by adding or subtracting a fixed unit after each win or loss.

This table gives examples of the d’Alembert system:

Round #Adjustment, ₹Initial Bet, ₹ResultNext Bet, ₹
3+ 100200Win100
4– 100100Loss200
5+ 100200Win100

In this example, the crash game Aviator player starts with ₹100. After each loss, they increase the bet size by a fixed unit (in this case, ₹100). After each win, they decrease the odd size by the same unit, but no less than the first bet amount.

The aim is to gradually recover losses while potentially making a profit.

Pros of the tactic:

  • Offers a more conservative approach, as bet sizes increase incrementally.
  • Provides a structured method for managing losses and aiming for profit.

Cons of the strategy:

  • May require a significant number of wins to recover from losses incurred during losing streaks.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere System, also known as the Cancellation System or Split Martingale, is a tactic that involves a predetermined sequence of numbers to determine bet sizes. The Labouchere System adjusts odd sizes based on a sequence of numbers, aiming to achieve a targeted win Aviator game.

Here’s how the Labouchère System works:

  1. Begin by creating a sequence of numbers that represent the desired profit. For example: 1-2-3-4-5.
  2. Calculate the initial bet by adding the first and last numbers in the sequence (1 + 5 = 6 INR).
  3. If the stake wins, cross out the first and last numbers from the sequence. If it loses, add the amount lost to the end of the sequence.
  4. Repeat the process until all numbers are crossed out, at which point the desired profit is achieved.
Round #SequenceSum of First and Last NumbersBet Size, ₹ResultNext Bet
11, 2, 3, 4, 56₹6WinRemove 1 and 5 from the sequence
22, 3, 46₹6LossAdd 6 to the end of the sequence
32, 3, 4, 68₹8WinRemove 2 and 6 from the sequence
43, 47₹7LossAdd 7 to the end of the sequence

Example: Sequence: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Initial bet: 1 + 5 = 6 INR

Pros of the tactic:

  • Offers flexibility in determining bet sizes based on a predetermined sequence.
  • Provides a structured approach to managing stakes and aiming for a targeted profit.


  • Requires careful planning and discipline to create an effective sequence.

Paroli Strategy

The Paroli Strategy is a positive progression betting system that involves doubling the bet after each win, to maximize profits during winning streaks.

The table illustrating how the Paroli works:

Round #Initial Bet, ₹ResultNext Bet, ₹

The beginners in this game start with an initial ₹100. After each win, they double their bet for the next round. If they lose, they return to the original bet size. The Aviator plane game strategy aims to capitalize on winning streaks while minimizing losses during losing streaks.

Pros of the Strategy:

  • Capitalizes on winning streaks by increasing bets during favourable outcomes.
  • Provides a structured approach to progression, offering a clear tactic for players.
  • Limits potential losses by reverting to the initial bet size after a loss, mitigating the risk of significant losses.

Cons of the Strategy:

  • Relies on the unpredictability of streaks, and therefore does not guarantee profits.
  • May require discipline to avoid excessive gambling during extended winning streaks.

Staircase System

The Staircase System is a gambling strategy that involves increasing the bet size incrementally after each win, and resetting the bet to the initial amount after a loss. This approach aims to capitalize on winning streaks while minimizing losses during losing streaks. Gamblers choose the number of stairs. In addition, we recommend cashout when the multiplier reaches between x1.1 and x1.3 to get the win.

The Staircase System works as follows:

  1. The player starts with setting the number of stairs – for example, 3. In the case of an initial bet is ₹100, after each win, the bet size increases by the amount of profit. This process continues until a certain stair is reached – in the example, 3.
  2. When the set stair is reached, the next bet is as initial one.
  3. If a bet loses, reset the bet size to the original amount (₹100).
Round #Initial Bet, ₹ResultMultiplierNext Bet, ₹
1100Winx1.15100 + 100 x 1.15
2215Winx1.15215 + 215 x 1.15

Pros of the System:

  • Offers a structured approach to betting progression, providing a clear strategy for players to follow.
  • Helps manage bankroll effectively by incrementally increasing bets during winning streaks.
  • Minimizes the impact of losses by resetting the bet size to the initial amount after a loss, reducing the risk of significant losses.

Cons of the System:

  • May require patience and discipline to stick to the betting progression, especially during losing streaks.

Aviator Game Tips and Tricks for Beginners

While there are no best Aviator game tricks for consistent massive wins, these insights can enhance your gameplay and boost your winning chances.

Use the Demo Version

Utilizing the demo mode of online casino games is crucial for beginners to practice and understand the game’s dynamics without risking real money. This mode allows players to experiment with different strategies, grasp the game’s pace, and refine their tactics.

Check Your Internet Connection

A reliable connection minimizes the risk of disconnections or delays during gameplay, ensuring uninterrupted betting sessions. By checking your internet connection before placing bets, you can safeguard against unexpected disruptions and optimize your overall gambling process.

Take Regularly Game Breaks

By incorporating regular breaks into gameplay sessions, players can sustain their attention and make better-informed decisions, ultimately enhancing their overall gaming experience. Stepping away from the screen allows for mental refreshment, preventing fatigue and loss of concentration.

Watch Others Play

By observing experienced players, gamblers can gain Spribe Aviator tricks into effective strategies and decision-making processes. Utilizing features like in-game chat allows for direct communication with other bettors, fostering opportunities to ask questions and learn from their experiences. Additionally, watching video guides provides further educational resources for improving Aviator tactics.

Start with Small Bets and Learn Bets History

In the Aviator slot game, one of the best strategy is to start with small bets for beginners. This approach prevents rapid depletion of the bankroll, allowing for longer gameplay sessions. Monitoring the bet history enables players to identify trends and make informed betting decisions.

Advanced Aviator Tips and Tricks for Maximum Winnings

The list of winning Spribe Aviator game tricks can be endless. Therefore, below we have compiled points that you may also find useful.

Aviator’s RTP

Understanding Aviator’s Return to Player (RTP) of approximately 97% provides players with realistic expectations of the game’s fairness. This high RTP indicates that, on average, players can expect to receive back 97% of their total bets over the long term.

Game Patterns

The results of the Aviator game are random and lack predictable patterns. Gamblers should not rely on superstitious habits or tendencies, as they do not affect the results. It is important to understand that each round is independent.

Aviator Strategy PDF

For convenience, players can download an Aviator Strategy PDF, providing quick access to various strategies for optimal gameplay.

Low Volatility Strategies

Low volatility strategies involve consistently aiming for smaller multipliers (e.g., 1.2x-1.5x) to reduce variance. Prioritizing steady gains and minimizing losses, this approach is ideal for risk-averse players. By focusing on smaller multipliers, players can maintain a more predictable outcome, promoting stability in their gaming process.

Is There a Best Time to Play Aviator?

There is no “best” or “perfect time” to play Aviator, as the results are random and do not depend on external factors such as time of day. The player’s strategies and tactics are more important than timing, which emphasizes the importance of choosing the right approach to the game rather than trying to predict the outcome or the right time.

Double Your Chances With Two-Bet Strategy

The Two-Bet Strategy diversifies bets by placing two simultaneously. One targets a low multiplier for frequent wins, while the other aims for a higher multiplier for a potential big payout. These Aviator tricks maximize chances of success by balancing steady gains with the possibility of substantial winnings.

What are Aviator Predictions?

Aviator predictions refer to various game prediction programs available online. However, it’s advisable to play fair using the Aviator game tricks and tips provided in this article.

We emphasize that Aviator’s Provably Fair system in the game guarantees that predictions are impossible. Relying on predictions can compromise the integrity of the game.

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Mastering win at Aviator game requires combinations of the element of chance, skills and confidence in decision-making. While there are various strategies to improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning, it is important to remember that Aviator is ultimately a game of chance.

By understanding the mechanics of the game, using proven strategies and maintaining realistic expectations, players can enhance their Aviator style of play while enjoying the thrill of playing responsibly.


Do any of Aviator’s game strategies offer a guaranteed win?

No, no Aviator game strategies offer a guaranteed win. The game’s outcomes are random, and strategies can only improve your chances, not guarantee a win.

What is the best time to play Aviator?

There’s no specific “best” time to play Aviator. The game’s results are random and it is not possible to predict it.

Where can I find the best online casinos to play the Aviator game?

You can find the best online casinos offering the Aviator game by researching reputable casino review websites or by visiting popular online casino platforms.

Is the Martingale strategy (or other aggressive strategies) safe to use in Aviator?

While the Martingale strategy and other aggressive tricks to win the Aviator game can be effective, they come with risks. It’s essential to manage your bankroll and understand the potential consequences of such strategies.

How important is managing your bankroll when playing Aviator?

Managing your bankroll is crucial when playing Aviator or any other gambling game to win big. It helps ensure responsible gameplay and prevents excessive losses.

How can I use the Aviator game statistics and history to inform my betting decisions?

You can use the game statistics and history to identify trends and Aviator tricks to win, allowing you to make more informed betting decisions.

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What people say about Aviator Game

Aviator game is an incredible fusion of fantasy and reality. The immersive world, complete with stunning graphics and incredible attention to detail, keeps me hooked for hours. The intuitive controls and challenging gameplay make for an exhilarating gaming experience.

Samantha Davies Digital Artist

Samantha Davies, Digital Artist

Aviator has truly managed to bring an exciting spin to the traditional slot crash genre. The thrill of watching the plane take off and deciding when to cash out keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, the game could benefit from some additional features to add more depth and variety to the gameplay.

Emily Lane Game Reviewer

Emily Lane, Game Reviewer

The fairness of the game’s algorithm is commendable. Aviator provides a transparent and fair gaming environment, which is crucial in the gambling space. However, it might be helpful to include a more detailed explanation or tutorial on how the points are calculated for those not familiar with slot crash games.

Alexander Smith Developer

Alexander Smith, Developer