What makes the Aviator betting game exceptional? How do you play it, and what are its features? Which tips and tricks can you use? Is it allowed in India? Keep scrolling down to learn more about the Aviator game from this detailed review.

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DeveloperSpribe OÜ
Year of Launching2019
LicenseGambling Commission, No. 57302
Game TypeMini game, Slot, Crash game
Min Bet/Max Bet$0.1/$100
FairnessProvably Fair
BonusesRain Promo, Free Bets
(check the information directly with the casino)

What makes the game Aviator so exceptional?

A hand holding smartphone which is showing Aviator game logo with five stars

The Aviator is a crash game and was released in 2019 by Spribe, a software developer. Though it doesn’t have a long history, it has attracted millions of players, especially in India.  

The slot offers an exciting gaming experience, allowing you to be in the cockpit. You have to keep watch of the plane ascending through the curve. You can win up to a x100 multiplier or lose your bet if the plane crashes away before you cash out.   

You can play the Aviator and earn real money from the comfort of your home or while on the go using casino apps. All you need to do is to find a licensed casino in India and download its app on your smartphone. 

How to play the Aviator game


Playing this slot is straightforward. However, reading the game rules before you start playing would be best.

For example, you should place your bet before a round starts.

Additionally, you must watch your aircraft and cash out before it disappears. You will also enjoy the social aspect of this slot. Using the in-chat feature, you can communicate with other players and exchange betting ideas.

Game interface

Whether you’re stepping into the Aviator universe for the first time or already an expert, you’ll find the interface user-friendly.

Two smartphones displaying Aviator game interface with options to Bet and Cashout

Nestled in the top right corner of the game screen, the drop-down menu offers a host of options. It lets you mute the in-game music and sounds, allowing an uninterrupted focus on the flying airplane.

Additionally, it provides access to vital game details such as rules, limits, and free bets, as well as your bet history.

Just adjacent to this menu, your game account’s balance is visibly displayed, applicable to both demo and real-money modes.

Further, towards the left of the screen, a comprehensive display shows your placed bets, fellow players’ bets, and stats of the top winner.

At the very bottom, an array of multicolored ovals each represent a multiplier value to contribute to your winning strategy.

A screenshot of the Aviator game showing autoplay options


It is one of the main buttons that helps you to place your bet before the round starts. There are two bet buttons, which means you can place two bets in a single game round. You can adjust your bet using the + or – buttons next to the bet button.


You can automatically set the number of game rounds you want to play with the autoplay button. Also, you can select at which coefficient the plane will likely fly away.

Auto cashout 

This button allows you to cash out your bet automatically when the plane reaches the multiplier you had set. Usually, use this button when placing your first bet, but for the second round, do a manual setting.

Aviator demo: Play for Fun

A smartphone showing Aviator game page on the Spribe site with a button Play Demo

How does the Aviator game works in demo mode? The Aviator game demo lets you play without depositing money in your betting account. You use virtual coins provided by your casino to place your bets.
This mode is essential if you are a new player. It helps you to learn the tips and tricks of the Aviator before committing to playing for real money. You can also use it to play for fun because this slot is one of the most entertaining games in the market.
It is important to note that you cannot win real money when playing with demo mode.

Aviator game features

Screenshots of the Aviator game features: In-game chat, Live bets, Statistics

In-Game Chat

It is a unique feature in the Aviator that allows you to interact with other gamblers playing the game. This makes the game interactive because you can socialize and share betting ideas. Some casinos use it to throw crash bonuses during the game.

Live Bets

Another feature that makes this gambling game real is that you can view the players’ statistics of bets. For example, you can see top winners in a game round or which odd was used by another player to analyse such information to develop your betting tips.


The live statistics feature helps you find the current game’s real-time statistics. This means you get the current number of players in the game and the multiplier that has won recently. This information is vital when planning your betting strategy.

Aviator game tricks to win big

Puzzles with Aviator game logo

Are there tricks you can use on Aviator to earn money? There are strategies you can use to win, but they do not guarantee 100% results. For example, there are single bet and multi bet strategies. 

You can also find Aviator hack tools, prediction apps, and signals advertised on online platforms. The providers claim they can help you track what is happening and predict when the plane will likely fly away. 

However, such Aviator game tricks are not tested and proven. Besides, be careful with third-party tools because they may be from malicious developers who want to steal your personal data.

Instead, you should focus on playing smart to win on Aviator. You only need to practice the game using the demo mode on your device. This way, you can discover tips to help you win.

Is the Aviator game legit in India?

The Indian flag and the word legality

You can play the Aviator in India without fear of breaking the law. Spribe, the slot’s developer, holds a license. These are internationally recognized gambling authorities.

And is Spribe Aviator game logic to play? Aviator uses the provably fair system to enhance game fairness. Your casino or third parties cannot interfere with the game’s result. Therefore, you are assured that the outcomes are fair whether you win or lose. 

Lastly, ensure that you play in licensed casinos only. This will protect you from losing your money or personal details to scammers. 

Pros and Cons of the slot

✔️ You can use your Android or iOS mobile phone to place an Aviator bet❌ No strategy can guarantee you 100% winning chances
✔️ Betting on this game online is easy because its interface is simple❌ Spribe is yet to launch an official Aviator app
✔️ The demo mode and play-for-money options are available
✔️ You can interact with other players using the in-chat game feature

Final Thoughts

The Aviator is an incredibly popular slot you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or on the go in India. It allows you to have aircraft experience and win cash. You only need to understand the game rules, develop a strategy, and place your bet. If you are new to it, use the demo mode to gain the skills. Log in to your favorite online casino in India and experience this exciting crash game.


Do All Casinos Have Aviator?

Most licensed casinos in India provide the Aviator game. However, brand-new casinos may not have added it to their slot section. You can research which casinos have the Aviator and check if they are licensed.

What Is the Best Time to Play Aviator?

There is no best time to wager on this game. You can win or lose at any time of the day. It all depends on the strategy you are using.

How Does the Aviator Game Work?

Before playing the Aviator betting game, you must decide your bet amount. Once you have placed your bet, you can start the gameplay. You should keep an eye on the plane and cash out before it crashes. It is up to you to decide when to end the game. If the plane flies away before you cashout, you lose your bet.

Which Strategy to Win Aviator Is the Best?

No strategy guarantees you 100% winning chances in Aviator. This is because it uses the random number generator and a provably fair system. However, some of the best strategies you can use to gamble is placing two bets in a single round instead of one. It helps you to minimize your risk of losing.

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